Koe no Katachi [Review]

Kyoto Animation began showing the anime movie “Koe no Katachi” on September 17, 2016. When Kyoto Animation announced the adaptation of Koe no Katachi as an anime film, it was a surprise. Because the manga itself is not have many volume, only 7 volumes, but is it enough to be used as just one film ? It turned out that Kyoto Animation was not half-heartedly working on its adaptation. They adapted the manga into a 130-minute film, equivalent to 2 hours 10 minutes.

Koe no Katachi tells about Shoya Ishida, a teenager who often bullied a transfer student named Shoko Nishimaya who was deaf in elementary school. Because of an incident, Shoya was get caught and then his classmates began to do the same to him. After this incident, the time was accelerated to high school and Shoya began to close his heart and always felt guilty. But one day, Shoya again met with Shoko. This meeting also made him begin to change.

For this film version, Kyoto Animation made many changes so that the story can be finished in 1 film. Maybe some of you are disappointed because of this change, but this is a good thing because the story becomes more solid and doesn’t feel empty.

Some anime series that have been done by Kyoto Animation lately have similar character designs even though they come from a variety of different series, such as K-ON !, Tamako Market, and others. Fortunately for Koe no Katachi, Kyoto Animation is still loyal to the character designs that are still similar to its manga series. Not only from the design, but also the color they use is similar to the original work.

In this film the animation feels mainstream. Though usually anime films bring much better animation. Not only that, Kyoto Animation also usually presents extraordinary animation for their TV series. Even so, this does not really interfere with the viewing experience.

For Koe no Katachi, Kyoto Animation chose various well-known voices such as Miyu Irino as Shoya Ishida, Saori Hayami as Shoko Nishimiya, Aoi Yuuki as Yuzuru Nishimiya and others. So the performance of each seiyuu has no doubt. But for me, Saori Hayami’s performance in this film really shines. Because Shoko is deaf, of course Shoko could not speak fluently because she had never heard his words. Here, Hayami successfully plays Shoko perfectly.

Although there are some shortage, Koe no Katachi is still an anime film that you shouldn’t miss. The shortages are arguably not too disturbing and you can enjoy the drama which is quite sad.

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