How to Maximize PC Performance for Playing Video Games

Personal Computer (PC) has become one of the best gadgets besides consoles for playing games. Because in addition to being able to play games, you can also do a PC to do other work. More value is what makes a PC chosen by some people as a medium for playing games rather than using certain game consoles.

To get the best experience when playing games on a PC, you need to do a number of things that can bring out the maximum capabilities of a PC. Here are some ways you can do.

Turn off all application in the background

This happens quite often because sometimes you don’t realize that there is an application running on your PC in the background. This background application is an application that runs the process automatically and makes the RAM and CPU work extra.

Defragment the storage area

The main purpose of this method is to make the data into groups in adjacent blocks so that the process of finding data becomes faster. When the process of finding this data becomes faster, this will have an impact on PC performance which will also become faster.

If you do not want to defragment, then you must use storage with SSD types that do not require defragment to speed up performance.

Decreases detailed performance

If you do not use a PC with gaming specifications, then there is a chance that you will experience interference when running games with high detail. This is because the quality of the VRAM is less qualified.

One of the easiest things to overcome this is by lowering the resolution when playing games. You can also adjust the texture and detail of the shader / shadow. The consequence is that the image details in the game will be reduced.

Update the graphics card driver

PC performance is also determined by the driver update of the components inside and the driver can be software that runs on the operating system. Therefore, it’s a good idea to keep your eyes on the VGA driver in an up-to-date condition. Thus the performance of related components becomes more leverage.

Optimize VGA Performance

VGA with the type of Nvdia or AMD has software that is able to optimize its performance. Nvdia has the GeForce Experience and AMD with its AMD Radeon Software. Through this software you can see the specifications of the VGA device used such as frame rate, game speed or in-game settings. However, the optimization of VGA performance also depends on the other hardware used on your PC system.

Pay attention to PC temperature

If you have fun playing the game, you might forget about time. One thing that then needs to be considered is the temperature of the processor and graphics card if you want to get the best performance.

If the temperature is too hot, your graphics card will probably slow down and reduce the clock speed. A good temperature condition when you play the game is that it should not be more than 85 C for graphics cards while the temperature for the processor should not be more than 70 C.

Hardware upgrade

If all the steps above have been done but you still experience interference when playing games, then it is better for you to upgrade your PC hardware. Each game does have special requirements regarding different hardware specifications.

If your PC does not meet the requirements of the game system then the above methods will not help so much. RAM, VGA, and processor are the three key components in playing games, so you must pay attention to these three things when choosing a new PC set up to play the game you want to play.

Well, hopefully the ways above can make your gaming activities more smoothly. Good Luck Have Fun !

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