PUBG Game is Coming to Mobile Phone

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds or known as PUBG is a player versus player multiplayer online game. PUBG is a battle royale game that was developed and published by PUBG Corporation which is a subsidiary of the South Korean video game company Bluehole. PUBG was first released for Microsoft Windows via Steam in early 2017. This game was also released on the XBOX platform for XBOX One and Playstation 4.

PUBG is a game that was conceptualized and designed by Brendan Greene, who previously made ARMA 2 mod DayZ: Battle Royale. Brendan Greene admitted that his idea was inspired by a 2000 Japanese film titled Battle Royale.

PUBG was a huge success with the battle-royale concept it carried. This success makes other developers tempted to use the same concept. Moreover, the mobile version has mushroomed at this time. But, Tencent with Bluehole will not allow this and will release “official” PUBG Mobile. Today, the game has revealed the latest details, including what in-game screenshots.

Tencent itself is a giant company from China that has a specialist in entertainment, internet service and product, and technology. Tencent is the world’s largest video game company, one of the world’s most valuable technology companies, one of the world’s largest social media companies, and one of the world’s largest venture capital firms and investment corporations.

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds mobile version has the same gameplay mechanism as the PC version. Where there are 100 players who fight each other by looking for weapons in various places on the map. But there are some additional touches that are given by Tencent. They added some interesting elements such as helicopters, speedboats, even warships complete with embedded machine gun weapons.

The rest, the gameplay mechanism offered remains the same. Players can choose to enter the game alone as “solo”, with two people as “duo”, or with a small group of up to 4 people. The players will be dropped from the plane, and descended using a parachute to an island. After descending, the players are required to look for equipment and weapons to survive. Of course the safe area will shrink to determine who the winner is.

The release of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds mobile version in China was very welcomed by gamers, the pre-registration number that just opened some time ago had already penetrated 2 million players. The plan is that PUBG Mobile will be released early 2018.

Here is the video trailer about the PUBG Mobile :

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