Masashi Kishimoto, The Creator of Naruto

Masashi Kishimoto name is surely familiar to fans of manga or anime, especially Naruto. And if we state the last name, most people in the planet are extremely recognize it.

Who is Masashi Kishimoto? He is the figure behind the achievment of Naruto worldwide and influential in Popular Culture up to this point. Born 44 years ago, he was born as a twin with Seishi Kishimoto who is also known as mangaka with one of his works titled O-Parts Hunter / 666 Satan.

Kishimoto was born on November 8, 1974. At the point when he was young, he really loved the Doraemon series, just as youngsters at his age at that time who were equally fond of drawing popular anime / manga characters.

Among his friends, Kishimoto-sensei is a very perfectionist. He frequently corrects where is the wrong picture from the work of his friends, as well as teaching how to draw the right one. His school years are frequently spent by drawing, including when listening to lessons. Even while playing hide and seek he still had time to draw while waiting to be found by his friends.

His enthusiasm for Doraemon started to move when one day he watched the Mobile Suit Gundam anime. From that point forward he started to like and draw Gundam.

Out of nowhere a new anime called Dr. Slump from the creator of Dragon Ball, namely Akira Toriyama. He is one of the mangaka who he admired and Kishimoto-sensei started drawing characters from the anime.

For him, Toriyama-sensei is like a god because he always draws every new character that shows up in the Dragon Ball series. His admiration for Akira Toriyama also strengthened his determination to become a famous mangaka.

Yet, his side interest of drawing had halted when he started sitting on the seat of middle school because of baseball. He almost never draws because his time is taken up for his new hobby. Until finally, he came across an anime poster with a very prominent character. The anime is Akira, made by Katsuhiko Ootomo. Seeing the poster, his obsession and passion to become a mangaka flared once more.

Many times he attempted to redraw the character from the Akira manga. But his efforts always failed because the pictures he made were never similar. That is reasonable because Akira is one of the most original manga known up to this point, starting from the concept idea, design, and effects. Learning from his failure to draw Akira, he was challenged to create his own character, which was more original, and fit his style.

At the next school level, Kishimoto finally managed to complete a 31-page short manga. He proudly showed the work to his younger brother. The younger brother just said that the manga he made was ugly. Feeling curious, he also showed to his father. The answer is the same. Two answers that were not pleasant to hear were ignored. Then he sent his first work to the Jump Magazine Award. The result ? As expected, a complete failure.

Kishimoto-sensei never gave up. He continued to create new works. But failure after failure continues to follow. The most serious consequence was when he was declared high school graduated with 38th place out of 39 students.

The harshr truth made him even more nervous about his future. But he always holds a strong determination; all will succeed. He continued to work on new works and sent them to Jump Magazine. The long struggle finally yielded sweet results. The first manga that aired on Jump Weekly was Karakuri, in 1996.

One of his manga drafts tells the story of a teenage ninja from Konohagakure Village who is a nine-tailed fox incarnation. The manga, still in the form of raw scribbles, turned out to be an attention of a number of editors at Jump. That manga is what we now know as Naruto.

Now, Naruto is one of the most popular manga / anime series in the world. Kishimoto-sensei’s hard work has put his name equal with his idol mangaka.

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