The Importance of VGA for PC and Laptop

Some people may already know the term VGA or Video Graphic Array. For those who don’t know, VGA is hardware that is installed into the Central Processing Unit (CPU) or already installed on a laptop device. VGA has a function as a visual processor that will be displayed to the monitor.

This hardware has an important role for laptops / PCs because it can improve the display quality on a PC or laptop screen. If VGA has a small capacity and an inadequate processor, problems will arise when the PC or laptop is used. This will definitely irritate players when playing games or look broken movements when editing images.

Laptop VGA and PC VGA

For information, VGA for laptops and PCs is very different. The very striking thing about the difference in VGA for PCs and laptops can be seen from the addition of VGA memory sizes. In addition, VGA installed on a PC will spend more energy than VGA on a laptop.

Graphic Video Arrays for laptops are usually installed in accordance with the settings of the laptop manufacturer. This resulted in VGA in the laptop can not be upgraded. Another reason that makes laptop VGA can not be added is VGA already embedded in the processor so that VGA can only follow the specifications provided.

Unlike a laptop, PC VGA can be changed and also added. Generally, there is a special slot at the motherboard to add a VGA card. To improve performance, you only need to add a VGA card on the motherboard to get better graphics and detailed images.

Optimized it with the processor capacity

The use of VGA must be adjusted to the capacity owned by the processor of the PC or laptop that is owned. If you like playing games or working in the field of editing images and videos, VGA and high RAM is needed. In addition to convenience, the appropriate VGA and RAM will take care of laptops and PCs.

Large VGA may not work well if it has a weak processor and the capacity is not large. This can make VGA devices become hot quickly when used. High temperatures will increase the possibility of the device being damaged easily due to heat generated from VGA.

And, if the processor has a high capacity but VGA has a small memory, the image will be displayed to be uncomfortable to the eye. In addition, the process of rendering images that will be visualized by the monitor will also be faltered. This is because the charge that enters the VGA memory cannot directly process graphics from the processor.

Choose VGA Carefully

To optimize processor and VGA performance, software selection can be a factor that needs to be taken into account. The most commonly used VGA processing software is AMD Radeon and Nvidia. If you choose the wrong VGA, inconvenience when using a PC and laptop will appear. Especially if your work depends on PCs and laptops, it certainly can be a barrier to work.

PC users who want to improve the display quality on the monitor, you should add a VGA card that has guaranteed performance and skill. If the device is equipped with an VGA with a capacity of minimum two giga bytes that is compatible with Windows 10 the display on the monitor will be clearer and better quality.

The selection of a VGA laptop can be done just before buying the desired laptop. Note the specifications contained in the laptop. It is highly recommended to choose a processor and VGA as needed because when you have chosen a laptop with certain specifications, this VGA capability will not be added or reduced.

VGA used for laptops and PCs should be considered. This is because VGA has an important role to maintain and make visuals of the monitor better. In addition, a VGA that runs well will take care of the PC and monitor to make it more durable and keep its performance going well.


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