TOP 5 Pusher in Mobile Legends

In Mobile Legends, killing is just entertainment. What we know is most important is obviously to destroy the enemy turret and base. But for most players, kill is number one and ignores the important task of destroying the turret.

In Mobile Legends, there are lots of heroes with push specialists or what we can interpret as heroes are very good at destroying turrets. So who are the hero? Let’s begin with …

1. Zhask

Zhask is known for the skills that summon Nightmaric Spawn. Even though he is a Mage, he is able to attack the turret alone accompanied by Nightmaric Spawn. And also Zhask is one of the heroes that is easy enough for you to use.

Zhask is able to push turrets with the combos he has. With using the first skill first, then the ultimate skill is ready to use to increase the damage and attack speed of Nightmaric Spawn. Therefore Zhask is one of the heroes with the best push turret specialists.

2. Natalia

Natalia is an Assassin type hero in Mobile Legends. As an Assassin type hero, of course Natalia is equipped with great damage and unique abilities, where she can disappear for 5 seconds after hiding from the bushes.

In vanish mode, the next Natalia attack damage will increase by about 35%. Especially if you attack the enemy from behind, then the damage will increase by 15%. Because Natalia can disappear, she can easily steal a turret.

3. Hayabusa

Just like Natalia, Hayabusa is one of the Assassin heroes in Mobile Legends. With its unique abilities, Hayabusa can kill minions wave using only its ultimate skills.

Not only that, Hayabusa can move anywhere with the two skills he has. The way Hayabusa destroy the turrets is quite easy, you only need to use the ultimate skill to kill minions on the lane. Then you just have to attack the existing turret. If there are enemies who want to attack, you can use the second skill to escape or attack back.

4. Moskov

Moskov is indeed one of the marksman known for his attack speed which is quite fast. However, Moskov is one of the heroes who does not have damage in the early game, so he must quickly farm to get the desired item.

With a fairly fast attack speed Moskov can easily destroy the turret. Moreover, the passive skill that he has allows him to attack the enemy which is far behind. So Moskov can attack the turret while killing the minions behind the turret.

5. Zilong

Almost all Mobile Legends players have this one character. A character who has a large enough attack speed allows him to finish the turret quickly. When using its ultimate, Zilong’s attack speed will increase dramatically. Therefore Zilong is one of five heroes who can destroy turrets quickly.

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