Various Classes Roles in Dragon Nest M

With a variety of classes and combos that you can use like playing Dragon Nest on a PC, Dragon Nest M promises quality and gameplay experience using 3D no lock battle methods such as PC, allowing players to freely combine skills to fight easily.

Well, like the PC version of Dragon Nest M also has a variety of different classes that you can try according to your playing style. What are those ?

1. Warrior

Armed with a large sword, Warrior is a melee DPS character that is capable of dealing extremely high damage to enemies. It’s attacks are strong and can even defeat many enemies at once. Warriors can turn into Sword Masters who have fast combos, and Mercenaries who have strong defenses and are able to fight with many enemies at once.

2. Sorceress

Strengthened with elemental magic attacks, Sorceress is a DPS magic character with a mid-range attack that is able to use magic to defeat many enemies at once. Sorceress can later proceed to Elemental Lords who have a combination of ice and fire that can destroy the battlefield, and Force Users who are able to reduce the cooldown skills of party friends with their magic.

3. Clerics

Cleric has a high defense so it can be a shield for his party friends. However, Cleric is a character with melee magic that is capable of destroying enemies. Clerics can turn into Priests where they will focus on supporting and healing party friends, and Paladins, with the ability to survive and act as tanks that draw monsters towards them.

4. Archer

Despite having a fairly low attack damage, Archer’s attack speed cannot be underestimated. Archer has the ability to defeat enemies who are overwhelmed with speed. Archer can turn into a Bow Master, where he focuses with attacks that kill one enemy with one shot, or Acrobat who has quick and deadly consecutive attacks.

5. Academic (Tinkerer)

Academic is a class that can issue magic attacks with medium range. With the ability to create items, Academic is able to provide various items to support the party. Academics can turn into Engineers who can provide items to help parties, or Alchemists who combine powerful magic attacks with items so they can poison the enemy.

6. Assassin

Assassin Is a physical DPS character with a short distance, Assassin is a fighter with fast attack speed that is able to destroy enemies with a variety of deadly combos. Assassins can turn into Chasers that can attack with one fatal critical attack, or Bringer who can give buffs to party friends.

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