TOP 5 Attackers in Rainbow Six Siege (Operation Shifting Tides)

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is an online tactical shooter video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. It was released worldwide for PC (Windows), PS4, and XBOX One on December 1, 2015. Each player assumes control of an attacker or a defender in different gameplay modes.

In this this article we will discuss about TOP 5 Defenders in Rainbow Six Siege on Operation Shifting Tides. This list is obviously our opinion and if you dissagree with any of these operators on the list feel free to put your own list on comments section below. So lets start with. . .

5. Twitch

Twitch has arguably one of the best gun in the game, the F2. This gun is an absolute beast and the weapon coming in at 37 damage with 980 RPM (Rounds Per Minute) firerate. The gun recoil pattern is little bit hard to control, but when you can mastered it, you can get kill easily.

Twitch’s gadget is a shock drone that is able to eliminate enemy gadget and can be used to distract enemies which if used correctly by team can be an easy kill. She is also equipped with a P9 and an LFP586 pistol that is a both solid pick for sidearm.

Coming in number four we have . . .

4. Buck

Buck is not all-around efficient operator to use when attacking. Buck is equipped with the C8-SFW assault rifle which comes with 40 damage and 870 RPM (Rounds Per Minute) firerate. This assault rifle is very deadly but its recoil pattern is one of the most difficult to control with an ACOG sight.

Pairing up with this gun is Buck’s ability. The underbarrel shotgun known as the Skeleton Key which is one of the most effective tools for softwall breaching in the game.

3. Zofia

Zofia is very powerful, a great fragger and that is really all you should use her for. If you are someone who likes to hold angles and not rush in like ash, Zofia is really the one for you. Her M762 assault rifle comes with 45 damage and 730 RPM (Rounds Per Minute) firerate.

Zofia gadget is the KS79 LIFELINE, which can either shoot impact grenade or switch to shoot concussion blast. The concussion blast are essentially the same thing as Ela’s Grzmot Mine. Her another unique ability is she can revive herself when being knocked out (DBNO).

Coming number two we have . . .

2. Hibana

Hibana is very necessary and very versitile operator on attacker. She can destroy bunch of reinforced wall and reinforced hatch from safe place with her X-KAIROS gadget which comes with 3 charges.

Hibana also has arguably one of the best weapon in the game the Type-89 assault rifle. Her assault rifle deals 40 damage and 850 RPM (Rounds Per Minute) firerate. This assault rifle is deadly and the recoil pattern is easy to control, but it is only comes with 20+1 bullets in one magazine.

1. Ash

Ash is very important operator, she is still a beast even after losing her ACOG sight on her R4-C assault rifle. With three speed she can move so fast around the map, and can reach the objective very quickly which is can surprised the defender who still placing their gadget.

Ash main weapon is R4-C and G36C which have access to an ACOG sight. The R4-C deals 39 damage and 860 RPM (Rounds Per Minute) firerate. While the G36C deals 38 damage and 780 RPM (Rounds Per Minute) firerate. Ash is very great for people who like to play agressive.

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