Why Playstation and XBOX Console are using AMD ?

A few weeks ago the XBOX had release specifications for their latest XBOX, the XBOX Series X. Followed by the Playstation that release its Playstation 5 specifications.

PS5 and XBOX Series X have been confirmed using hardware from AMD. Both of these consoles use Zen 2 custom CPUs and use GPU RDNA2. The current console also uses chips from AMD and the “next-gen” console will also use AMD hardware.

AMD itself we know is a company that makes Ryzen CPUs and Radeon GPUs that are widely used in laptops and desktop PCs. But why do XBOX and PS5 consoles use AMD ? Why not use Intel or NVIDIA ? Especially in 2013 at the time of the release of PS4 and XBOX One, AMD had not yet produced a Ryzen CPU, and Intel at that time had a higher performance than AMD.

On the “next-gen” console there are rumors that it will be able to run the ray-tracing feature, so why not use an NVIDIA GPU that has a GPU RTX Series ? So why do consoles now and “next-gen” keep using hardware from AMD ?

Here are some reasons about it…


1. Technical Development

PS5 and XBOX Series X use hardware from AMD, where the hardware has X86 architecture. Where X86 is the same architecture as the architecture contained on a PC or Laptop nowdays. The X86 architecture has quite general uses. Therefore the X86 architecture makes developing games on consoles easier. Unlike the PS3 which has a complicated architecture, making game development more difficult.
AMD is a company that develops CPU and GPU together. They also have experience in developing powerful CPUs and GPUs in 1 chip, known as APU / iGPU. And the custom chip is used in PS4 and XBOX One consoles.

The “next-gen” console will also use a high-speed NVME custom SSD. Because there is a possibility of using PCI Express Gen 4. This technology for now only Zen 2-based Ryzen CPUs are supported. By utilizing the SSD both of these consoles will have quite interesting features. From some of the information available, it is rumored XBOX Series X has a “quick resume” feature. That is a feature that can move from one game to another game without loading the game from the beginning. While PS5 uses SSD more for design level, where developers can develop large maps without loading.


2. Cost

In the days of the PS3 and XBOX 360 consoles, production costs for the console were quite expensive. Where the PS3 production costs reach $ 840 while the cost of producing the XBOX 360 is around $ 525. Due to the expensive CPU and GPU chip manufacturing on both consoles. But the PS3 is priced at $ 599 and the XBOX 360 is priced at $ 399.

Sony’s PS4 only costs $ 188 for CPU, GPU and Memory to be used on PS4. Then Mocrosoft spent $ 170 for CPU, GPU, and Memory which will be used on the XBOX One. Where both consoles use AMD hardware.

This cost is clearly cheaper than the previous console (PS3 & XBOX 360). Where Sony spent $ 381 to make one PS4 console, and sold at a price of $ 399. While Microsoft spent $ 471 to make one XBOX One console, and sold at $ 499.

Besides being known as the only technology company that develops CPU and GPU simultaneously, AMD is also known to sell their hardware at a more affordable price than Intel and NVIDIA. So that this is a consideration of Sony and Microsoft to work with AMD. Because the cost of producing and developing consoles will be cheaper.


3. Relationship / Experience

After AMD successfully cooperated with Sony and Microsoft to create an 8th generation console (PS4 & XBOX One) for approximately 7 years, it seems that Sony and Microsoft are satisfied working with AMD. And because they are already experienced in developing technology for consoles, so Sony and Microsoft continue their collaboration for the next console. Even AMD first developed their “ray-tracing” technology for consoles on GPU RDNA2.

With the new technology in the next console, we can feel a significant increase in console game graphics. Likewise new technology that will be used in a game.


Source : SUKA IT


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