Pokemon Sword and Shield Now Takes Serious Steps To Ban Cheaters Directly

Some Pokemon Sword And Shield players reportedly are currently experiencing an exploit that is quite unsettling for their players, that is if the players lose they will immediately turn off their game or immediately turn off their Console, so they can cancel their defeat and this also affects their opponents at the time they will win, the opponent’s victory will also be canceled as if that did not happen or did not do battle.

Reported by Gamerant, Pokemon Company previously has also warned their players not to use the exploit back in April 2020, but because of the many players have used the trick, Pokemon Company also inevitably Ban the players who have used the trick on the grounds of using Cheat.

To clarify the rules, they will only issue a “Ban” if they see indications of fraud such as multiple times have exited and entered the game on the same account, so for users who are disconnected due to an obstacle for the first time will be good – okay, but if you have done it many times the game account could be the bet.

The trick is arguably very detrimental to the winner, because those who have struggled to win the match, suddenly the match is canceled or invalid, because one of their players or “losing players” suddenly log out or disconnect to cancel their match, or rather they cancel the match, so that their defeat status is not recorded as well.

The ban also looks to be permanent, so there will be no chance of reversing it once it happened. In its first warning, The Pokemon Company claimed that temporary bans were on the table as well, but it doesn’t seem to have used this lighter punishment yet.

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