PS5 Add Feature Where You Can Know How Long The Game Can Be Completed

The next-gen console from Sony, the PS5 until now there is still no new news anymore after only providing information about the hardware used. After that whether the physical form of the console or any game that will be brought by the console there is no information circulating. Unlike the competitors, the XBOX Series X who have started first, but this time there is a little ‘leak’ about filing a new patent for PS5 where there is a feature that can tell us how long the game can be completed.

Although the release is about half a year away, Sony still hasn’t told us about the full features or even the shape, we don’t know yet. Because of this little information, there are some people in the US who are desperate to find their own information by “breaking through” the US patent office in order to get pieces of information related to this console, and the information obtained from its acumen is PS5 is likely to have a virtual assistant like as well as Google Assistant, Alexa and others.

US Patent 20200139245 explains about the “In-Game Information Platform” which not only provides tips and tricks on how to solve some difficult parts in the game, but this AI can also tell us how long the chapter of the game can be solved, the point is only provide additional information related to how difficult the stage that we will pass by seeing how long the stage can be completed according to the PS5 assistant.

While the patent extremely just discussions about the in-game uses of offering guidance and time management, it seems like this thought could be a piece of a bigger, widely inclusive menial helper like Alexa or Siri, and to a lesser extent Cortana.

We’ve heard PS5 rumors propose that Sony is creating up a Cortana opponent for its new console, and this new patent unquestionably loans greater validity to those reports.

Lamentably, Sony has been quite close-lipped regarding the console and its capacities outside of the couple of extremely specialized PS5 specs given to us back in March. That may at long last change at a forthcoming virtual unveiling occasion that is rumored to occur toward the beginning of June.

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