Voiceover Nathan Drake and Joel Will Present in Dirt 5 Game

Gamers are certainly familiar with the names Nolan North and Troy Baker, both are well-known voice actors and are also known as the voices of one of the characters from two successful games that are released exclusively on Playstation 4, where Nolan North plays Nathan Drake from the game Uncharted 4 and Troy Baker as Joel from The Last of Us. Their reputation and experience as a voice actor is indeed no doubt. The latest, they get a project to vote on the latest game development Codemasters, Dirt 5.

The collaboration was announced at the livestream event “Xbox Series X First Gameplay” when Codemasters introduced Dirt 5 for Xbox Series X. After the Dirt 5 trailer was released, the two voices immediately posted a tweet on their respective Twitter accounts to confirm the collaboration.

It is still unclear about the collaboration undertaken by Codemasters with the two famous voice actors, but it is expected that they will both be voices of characters that are very important when viewed from his actions as voice actors.

Dirt 5 was introduced as one of the games to be released Xbox Series X, shown through the Xbox Series X First Gameplay livestream event, Dirt 5 showed a little game footage showing the gameplay mechanism and graphics that were said to have improved from before.

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