Pathfinder Nerf in Season 5 Apex Legends Triggers Various Controversies

Season 5 Apex Legends finally begins. Some new content such as the addition of Loba Andrade as a new legend, to the changes in Kings Canyon that will last for approximately half a month because the Loba story is one of the biggest updates made by Respawn Entertainment. They also changed some of the legend to make it more balanced.

Mirage, for example, is now given the ability to disappear when recovering a teammate who is down. He can also control his helper and make his helper ultimate not only appear and remain silent but also walk in various directions. Unfortunately, Respawn does a massive nerf on one of the characters that is loved by its player, Pathfinder.

This robot who always described always positive has indeed become the choice of many fans because of its ability. It can do grappling hooks and move from position A to position B very quickly. Not only that, Pathfinder is also able to see when the next ring will stop and help his teammates to move maps very quickly. Honey, now it looks like you have to say goodbye to him.

This is because in Season 5 this time Pathfinder underwent massive changes to its hook grappling capabilities. If he previously had a cooldown or delay of 15 seconds, in Season 5 Respawn increased it to 35 seconds. Makes it look like it’s not useful at all for mobility and support type legends.

This change has received a lot of criticism from fans and professional players. Some consider that what makes Pathfinder fun to play is its mobility abilities. Providing a fairly long delay is considered to make it useless at all.

While one professional player considers the changes given by Respawn as outrageous. This is because the change has strayed far from the concept of character which from the beginning has been set on Pathfinder, namely characters with high mobility.

Respawn himself wrote that they did it because the Pathfinder’s ability to be able to move multiple times using grappling hook when fighting was considered too strong.

The Pathfinder position is now taken over by Loba, the legend that was just added. His ability is indeed quite similar to Pathfinder which is moving, but with a shorter cooldown distance and time of about 25 seconds. You can read the patch note here.

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