The Medium Game Developer Explains Why The Game Is Exclusive For Xbox Series X

Ahead of the release of a next gen console, the Xbox Series X, the developers immediately released their first Gameplay for some Games that have been optimized on the Xbox Series X, during the Inside Xbox show on YouTube. Like Dirt 5, Bright Memory and others, but there is one game that we find interesting, the Psychological Horror Game, which is “The Medium”, this game is rumored to be exclusive to Xbox Series X and PC only.

Bloober Team is one of the developers that has made one of the psychological horror masterpieces, namely Blair Witch, then Layer of Fear and others. Reporting from Gamerant Wojciech Piejko has taken the time to explain the game, Wojcieh claims that this game has a patented mechanism, in which the patent will separate from its competitors, and has been developed since 2012 for Console Next gen.

In the interview Wojcieh also stated “I can’t tell you right now about our most important features, because we will have to save it for later. But the gameplay mechanic is built around those two worlds couldn’t be fully realized on current-gen hardware. “.

Isn’t that one of the points that becomes interesting? Because Wojcieh also said that the gameplay mechanic was built between 2 worlds, which could not be fully realized in the current generation of Hardware Console, arguably the next gen console for now has enormous power, because Wojcieh also stated “the gameplay mechanic cannot be fully realized on the current generation console. “.

Behind the beautiful graphics offered in the game, the bloober team also hopes that the mechanic can stand out, because it is assisted again by the composer who previously made Silent hill game, Akira Yamaoka.

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