Final Fantasy XVI is in development

This leak was obtained from 4chan user who ‘said’ he got from ‘people in’ Square Enix, and also those 2 games ‘he said’ will be revealed during the Summer Game Fest later.

Remember! If there is a leak from 4chan, “Take it with a grain of salt!”

For Final Fantasy XVI, this game will also be JRPG and not much different from Final Fantasy XV but with wider places.

The Main Director is Naoki Yoshida, the gameplay offered will have a ‘classic’ feel but has an ‘steampunk’ element in it. ‘Combat’ will also use the mechanism of Dark Souls and Final Fantasy XV.

And also later there will be some ‘old classic Final Fantasy system’ that will be implemented, such as ‘job / class system’, ‘customize / change equipment’ even we can change our ‘character’ name.

It is said that this project has been in ‘development’ since 2017. They still use Unreal Engine 4 and ‘maybe’ if the release will be updated with Unreal Engine 5. For the release date they will take fiscal company in 2021 – 2022. These games will also be ‘timed exclusive’ on PS5.

So … unbelievable right? But always remember that this is 4chan, moreover there is no news either about Final Fantasy VII Remake Part II.

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