PS5 DualSense Controller will support wireless charging

There is news, this time is for DualSense controller (PS5 controller).

Quoted from, it is said that Sony recently patented a wireless charger for the DualSense Controller which states :

 “A wireless charging adapter that can snap onto a computer game controller can be inductively coupled to a charging base to wirelessly recharge a battery in the controller. The adapter can also include keys that mirror keys on the controller so that a gamer can remove the adapter with a controller from the charging base, keep the adapter on the controller, and use both the controller keys and adapter keys to control a computer game.”

And there will also be X and O buttons behind the controller as illustrated in the following design.

As you can see the controller has “X” and “O” buttons on it’s back too, which seems interesting since it’s the first time a PlayStation controller will have buttons on it’s back too.

Here is the patent link:…

From the patent, they write:

“According to, an assembly includes at least one game controller that includes a hand-holdable controller housing with at least one battery and plural control keys manipulable to input commands, including at least a first key manipulable to input a first command, to a computer game console. At least one adapter is mechanically engaged with the game controller and is electrically engaged with at least one electrical component in the controller housing. The adapter includes at least one key manipulable adapter to input the first command to the computer game console.”

Which means the controller will use ‘rechargeable battery’ and also ‘wireless charger’, and USB-C will be given to be able to recharge the controller as well as revealed.


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