Game Booster Application for Android

When you decide to have a device, surely what is expected is no lag or slow response from the technology and the device. Because usually a slow response is of course inhibited a lot of use.

Many people need entertainment, one of them is games. But you may be constrained by lag or slow handphone response. When used to play a game there is no need to be confused. Here are some applications that can save battery life, accompanied by increasing signal reception from the server. So when playing the game will not be slow which is commonly referred to as a booster game application.

1. Dr. Booster

The first application which is one of the recommendations of the booster game for your android phone is Dr. Booster. This application has been downloaded more than 10 million times on Google PlayStore.

This proved to attract the attention of many people. This application is on average able to improve the performance of the handphone you have, even up to two times in addition to that the Dr. Booster also helps you to equip your handphone with various interesting features.

Dr. Booster is one of many people’s favorite applications because it is easy to use. For those who are interested, you can directly install it, because Dr. Booster is free where there are other features that are given starting from bringing up the floating boost button. So you can immediately press the button when the phone has started lag or have a fairly slow response.

2. Game Booster Launcher

The second application that can help you to improve the performance of a cell phone is called a Game Booster Launcher. This application is quite interesting because for those of you who have a smartphone with very little RAM. This device can be used for handphones that have a capacity of 1 GB RAM.

The size of the application is also not big, which is approximately 5 mb. So for those of you who are interested in this application provided free on PlayStore you just have to install it and also apply it, every time you play games or open an application that is quite heavy. You can also use the cache removal system to be able to support this application to work optimally.

3. UU Game Booster

The third application that can be used is called the UU Game Booster. If you want to try a booster application that is very sophisticated and also suitable for the latest mobile phones, where this feature helps to maximize the use of your phone when playing heavy enough games.

UU Game Booster is indeed attracting attention because it is suitable for sophisticated mobile phones, on this day. Unfortunately, the weakness is that users are not provided for older types of mobile phones or those that have a memory size that isn’t too large. Because the use of the existing UU Game Booster features on this mobile phone is indeed very high, and takes a considerable capacity.

Other features that can be obtained by this application can stabilize the internet network. So for those of you who are having problems on the internet you can immediately take advantage of this booster.

4. Game Booster-One Tap Advance Speed ​​Booster

Furthermore, the application called Game Booster-One Tap Advance Speed Booster, is the right solution for those of you who experience lag problems because the application is running. With this booster game application even the performance that is run can be increased properly, and helps optimize the use of cpu, ram, and others. The lag problem is often caused by the full RAM memory of the cellphone but with this application, it doesn’t matter.

The drawbacks of this application are the game performance ratings depending on the type of device that has been used. So you can only use the application to its full potential, if indeed the use of mobile phones is quite sophisticated. Game Booster-One Tap Advance Speed Booster can be directly installed in the PlayStore for free.

5. PerforMAX

Furthermore, the application that can be used is called PerforMAX game booster. This application is perfect for you who like to play quite heavy games. Especially for those of you who like to play games with large sizes such as PUBG Mobile, Mobile Legend, Call of Duty Mobile and others.

You can also use it if you like to run heavy applications such as editing applications or supporting music.

6. Game Booster-Speed ​​Up Phone

The last game booster that can be used is the Game Booster-Speed ​​Up Phone. This app is one of the booster, specifically for accelerating game applications. You can even have game modes, so that these modes can be used according to your needs.

First for those of you who are indeed playing the game system with quite a long time you can activate the longplay mode. There is also an offline play for those of you who like to play offline games. This mode can be used and also adjusted to the settings.

The drawback though is that it has been activated, there are still some heavy games that often experience lags or sudden force closes. Especially if the device is low-end. For those of you who are interested, you can directly download it on PlayStore.

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