Aorus Z490 Ultra G2 Motherboard Promises Gaming Performance for Professionals

Designing products with professionals according to their needs will certainly make a product according to their needs and not deviate in an undesirable direction. This is what GIGABYTE did when designing its latest Intel motherboard, the Z490 Aorus Ultra G2 for professional gamers.

In collaboration with a team of G2 Esports professional gamers, Z490 Aorus Ultra G2 will present high performance while gaming but with low temperatures. The Intel motherboard is compatible with the 10th generation and will boost the performance of its flagship series, the Intel i9-10900K being the best.

Same as the previous motherboard, it uses 12 phase digital power design technology that can be adjusted at will for each component to be more efficient. Flagship motherboards with Z chipsets designed for overclocking also have Daisy Chain memory routing technology that will be able to increase the stability of overclocked memory.

The Z490 Aorus Ultra G2 will also be equipped with Fins-Array II, Direct-Touch Heatpipe II, and 7.5W / mK LAIRD thermal pad along with optimization from the G2 Esports. It also comes with ESSential USB DAC vocal Type C which will maximize audio by minimizing audio loss so that professional gamers can focus more on playing the game without being interrupted by other processes. This one DAC can also be connected to Android, pad, to provide recording studio sound quality when connected to the back panel of its power.

Some other features such as WiFi 6 802.11ax wireless internet, PCIe 4.0, DDR4 XMP 5000 high performance, to the anti-interfering design make the Z490 Aorus Ultra G2 can be compared with other best quality Aorus gaming motherboards.

The Z490 Aorus Ultra G2 has not been sold freely on the market and has not yet received an official price. So it seems you have to wait longer to get one of the gaming flagship motherboards from GIGABYTE.

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