Apple Now Starts Selling “Cheap” iPhone XR Versions

Apple has launched the iPhone XR at the end of 2018 ago, at the beginning of the launch, they are selling this phone with prices starting at $740 USD and after two years of being released, they have now reduced the price to $600 USD.

Recently, Apple also offered the iPhone XR series at a lower price, starting at $500 USD on the 64GB internal memory version. Then the 128 GB variant is sold at $540 USD and the highest variant is 256 GB sold at $630 USD.

This can happen because the “cheap” iPhone XR is a refurbished version or a reconditioned iPhone that has been previously damaged or has a production defect then is repaired to such an extent.

Currently, the reconditioned iPhone XR is available on Apple’s website, and you need to know, if the reconditioned phones are sold in a Factory Unlocked condition, so users can use any Sim cards.

Although it is available on the Apple website, Apple currently only sells it specifically in the United States region. The available colors are also limited, there is Black, Red, White and Yellow.

When you buy a Refurbished iPhone from Apple, you will also get a 1 year official guarantee, a new battery and a new case, so you don’t need to be afraid of the quality of this refurbished phone.

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