MSI Confirms 400 Series Motherboards Will Support the Ryzen Zen 3 Processor

AMD has recently been rumored to be releasing their latest processor with Zen 3 architecture, also known as the fourth generation Ryzen, but previously PC users got a news that the latest Ryzen series would not be able to be used on B450 or X470 Series motherboards.

Therefore, consumers should use their flagship class X570, because the price is quite high, AMD issued a series under the X570 which in terms of price would be more affordable than the series, the B550 series. But after that, the problem reappeared where AMD Ryzen users currently still use the B450 and X470 Series, which caused quite a lot of talk at the time because if they wanted to upgrade their CPU, they inevitably had to buy a motherboard with newest chipset.

At the same time AMD did not just stay quiet, they heard the demands of consumers, AMD immediately sent a statement stating, they will again give access to use Zen 3 on the motherboard with B450 and X470 Chipsets, by updating the BIOS.

This time, a PC peripheral vendor, MSI, has stated that their motherboards will support the use of Zen 3 on B450 and X470 series motherboards via the MSI Gaming Youtube Channel.



In a video titled “A first look at MSI B550 Motherboards” presented by Eric Van Beurden and Michiel Berkhout, they stated that if they wanted to use Zen 3 on a B450 or X470 motherboard, they inevitably had to update their previous BIOS with a note, they can not using Ryzen from previous series like Ryzen 3XXX series, because if you have updated BIOS so that it can be used on Zen 3 the motherboard can no longer be used for the previous Ryzen series.


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