“Rampart” The New Apex Legends Legend

Season 5 Apex Legends has been on the air for several weeks. The season that adds Loba and the King’s Canyon map update gives you the chance to find out the story behind Loba and Revenant’s relationship and what Hammond Robotics is hiding in the game’s iconic map. But this apparently did not stop the fans from knowing the game’s season 6 content. One of them is the existence of Rampart as the new Legend of the game.

Since the release of the Season 5 trailer, many fans have believed that they will find out leaks from the next Season hidden in the game. Sure enough, a dataminer named Suum found that the artifact digger that appeared in his PVE mode was one of the abilities that Rampart would have.

The digger is said to be a turret that is none other than an mounted machinegun that can be used by you or your teammates. It has a very high bullet capacity, but with a long reload time.

Other dataminers like Shrugtal even get information on other legend abilities besides Rampart. Some of the legends that will be released include Valk, Blisk, Downfall, Forge (he notes that the file is deleted, it might not be released), Husaria, Immortal, Jericho, Nomad, Reckoner, Seer, Skunner. Of course the file is not final and is likely to be completely replaced or deleted because of the characteristics of game development that always changes at any time.

But Rampart became one of the legends that was confirmed being done and was almost completed. He will have the following capabilities:

  • Amped Cover: Make protection using a barrier that will block incoming shots and increase the damage the shot being launched by your team.
  • Emplaced HMG (Ultimate): Install an mounted machine gun for you to use or use with your teammates. Have a lot of bullets, but with a long reload time. Requires heavy ammo (Formerly given the name, My Friend Maxim).
  • Gunner (Passive): Increases the capacity of the light machine gun bullet and its reload time.
  • Fixer (Possible Passive Abilities): Change equipment to melee to fix your teammates’ devices. Similar to Torbjorn’s ability on Overwatch.
    Cover Fire (Possible Passive Abilities): Shoot from protection, increase damage to your gun fire.

Rampart is currently the center of attention of many fans, but on the other hand many fans still believe that previous legends such as Forge will be re-presented. Previously, Forge was announced to be a new contestant at Apex Game, but unfortunately he was killed by Revenant who also became an introduction to the presence of Revenant.

In early May, Apex Legends story writer Tom Casiello explained that Forge might not be present in the game. But he also teased the fans with the possibility of his presence in the future. It gives a big question whether Forge will really come to Apex Legends after the story and the conflict between characters ends in the future.

As always, we do not encourage you to trust 100% of the above dataminer leaks even though they will most likely come true. However, due to the ever changing nature of video game development, different possibilities can become reality.

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