EA Builds Strong Collaboration with Valve to Release Their Games on Steam

After a long time since EA decided not to publish their game on Steam and switch to the Origin launcher, since last year they finally decided to re-establish cooperation with Valve which has been long awaited by fans. Through this collaboration, EA has opened access to release their games on Steam one by one starting from Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and several other popular titles.

In addition to providing all games that were not previously available on Steam, EA also brought EA Access subscription services to the platform starting this summer. This service provides access to many exclusive games from EA that gamers can enjoy for a full year at an affordable price.

New games that will be coming soon on Steam itself are Burnout Paradise Remastered, Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, Need for Speed ​​Heat, to Command & Conquer Remastered Collection which will be released on June 5. Andrew Wilson who is the CEO of EA had said that this collaboration is an opportunity for them to increasingly innovate in the realm of PCs.

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