Epic Games Wants to Create Epic Games Store for the Mobile Platform

Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games is getting ready to bring Epic Games Store to the mobile platform to give gamers more choices on Android and iOS to play. Epic Games Store can likewise open doors for developers to release their games in the mobile game market.

This is based on an interview conducted by Sweeney with GameSpot during the Play For All event, where Sweeney said Epic Games Store will be available for Android and furthermore intended to be available for iOS later on. This is because smartphone capabilities are getting higher and can play games like Call of Duty Mobile and Fortnite.

Sweeney himself with Epic has the intention to advance the industry and encourage to open up opportunities for many developers to want to release their games on the Android and iOS platforms. This can affect games that initially would not be released on the Play Store or App Store, could easily release the game through Epic Games Store.

In addition, the presence of Epic Games Store can improve the quality of games that are present on the mobile platform, where as we know now that many mobile games are cloned from games on other platforms, and there might be many free game offers like the one they do at Epic Games Store as of now.

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