Famous Streamer, Ninja, Say Fortnite Now is Boring

Last week, the streamer who was famous for broadcasting the game Fortnite, Ninja, had just organized his own Fortnite tournament. The tournament will also last for the next five weeks, with the first week being quite successful, despite the controversial action when one of the players made some inappropriate comments.

However, despite holding his own tournament, Ninja feels that Fortnite is currently boring to play. He criticized the game that the last few seasons were boring and there was nothing new.

Although he acknowledged that he could still have fun playing the game several times, he felt bored playing with the same map, there were only a few new additions that did not attract his attention. He also said the season was too long and made the game boring.

But, what Ninja said is indeed a quite hot issue among Fortnite players, they feel season 2 is too long and there are a lot of delays, especially the recent delays due to riots that occurred in almost all of America. Season 3 is also expected to bring lots of fresh and fun content.

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