PUBGM Mysterious Jungle Map Triggers Controversy in Kuwait & Saudi Arabia

The latest PUBG Mobile update presents the latest mode, Mysterious Jungle. However, some new features contained in this mode caused controversy, flicking religious beliefs in a number of community groups.

Based on news from Gulf News, some religious leaders from Kuwait and Saudi Arabia have warned about the latest PUBGM update, highlighting the behavior in which players can worship the statue. They ask the authorities to act immediately and keep children away from this concept that is not true.

Tencent as the developer has been contacted by Gulf News, they have apologized for this incident and removed the feature in the game.

“We apologize for the features in the game that offend the players. We value the values, traditions and trust of the players and regret the pain and anger caused by us. We have removed the movement and visual appearance of the game.”

Mysterious Jungle itself is the latest mode exclusively for the Sanhok map. Many new features are available ranging from jungle food, hot air balloons, to totems. The controversy being debated is how the player can interact with the totem statue.

You can ‘pray’ to the totem statue and get health regents, to consumables items such as energy drinks, health kits, and others. However, movements that require you to pray to a totem statue trigger people’s anger.

Not a few players who expressed their disappointment about this mysterious jungle update by burning totems in the game.

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