RPG Mobile Games Tales of Crestoria Release Got Delayed

One of the most eagerly anticipated mobile games in 2020 must be postponed a bit. Because, Bandai Namco as the developer of Tales of Crestoria has recently reported that the game that will be released on IOS and Android is experiencing a release delay. Previously the game itself was planned to be released on June 22, 2020, after previously opening the open-beta period last May.

The producer, Tomomi Tagawa himself explained that the postponement was due to the game Tales of Crestoria, which still needed some improvement, after previously in the open-beta period, things were deemed inappropriate. Tales of Crestoria itself is a game that is made different from the Tales of series that you have played before.

Unlike the previous series, which adopted action or real-time combat gameplay, Tales of Crestoria itself will have a battle system resembling turn-based RPG games with extra collections of crossover characters originating from the Tales franchise.

You can watch the trailer below



Let’s just wait, hopefully the Bandai Namco will immediately solve the various issues that exist in the open-beta period, so that the game that will be available free to play will be released soon.

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