Bungie Prepares a New Game with Comedy Elements

Since his separation with Activision, Bungie successfully brought Destiny 2 to PC via Steam with various updates and new content. But it seems that the former original HALO series developer is currently working on a new game besides the MMORPG game.

This was revealed through the vacancy they just posted. That they need Incubation Art Director. Interestingly, it looks like they won’t work on a game that is full of seriousness, but instead contains laugh, hilarious anecdotes, and funny scenes in it. This is explained in detail in their job descriptions that they need someone who likes to do comedy with a cheerful and strange character.


Not only working on and building a comedy, Incubation Art Director needed by Bungie is also required to be able to design characters that inspire fans to cosplay and represent all the cultures in the world. Indicate that they will use an approach like Overwatch rather than using the standard that has been implemented in Destiny.

Interestingly, from a number of job vacancy descriptions, Bungie wanted that the Incubation Art Director worked with the sandbox and economics team to create and distribute items for players. This description implies that they will likely create a new MMORPG game inspired by Destiny.

Bungie itself plans to own a franchise other than Destiny until 2025. Registration of their copyright in 2018 explains that one of the projects will be titled Matter. Could it be that the project is being worked on?

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