Persona Series Coming to PC ?

From many JRPG games out there, Persona is a series that has skyrocketed and is famous throughout the world from the game that became the basis of his world, Shin Megami Tensei. But until this moment, Atlus as the developer has never released it on a PC even though a lot of PC gamers who want it. Although a lot of rumors have echoed over the years that they will bring one of the famous franchise to the PC, but in reality it has never been realized. But, this announcement might be a surprise to you.

Atlus announced that they would join the event initiated by the PCGamer website, PC Gaming Show. According to Twitter tweet, they claimed to be giving a surprise on June 13rd 2020 at 11:00 PDT.

Until now, Atlus’s game was a game that was released on the console only until they finally released Catherine Classic on Steam a few months ago when the console version actually got Catherine: Full Body with a variety of new characters. But by joining them at the PC Gaming Show which only discusses PC games, they will indirectly bring their games to the PC including the Persona series.

Even so, it is not yet clear what they are about whether some games like Persona will also be announced for PCs when the event starts. Interestingly, now they also have their own Steam page that didn’t exist before because the Atlus game is only one on Steam.

Will Persona later be released on PC? Let’s wait

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