Facebook Will Have Dark Mode Features And Several Other New Features

Dark Mode

Dark mode, a feature that is actually normal for some people because it only changes the appearance to dark, but there are also those who feel the need for these features because with a dark appearance can make the eyes less easily tired because of the color. For those whose smartphones have already got an OS upgrade to Android 10, of course, they already have the dark mode feature which when activated will make all applications dark mode but for those who haven’t yet, there are only a few apps that have that feature.

Actually Facebook has chosen the right time to release the dark mode feature now, because the company previously released dark mode on Instagram, Messenger, Facebook Lite, and WhatsApp, but the main Facebook application itself has not even gotten this feature.

In the settings menu on the Facebook app itself we will be able to find the Dark Mode menu that you can activate or deactivate yourself and can also use the system settings from Android 10. The dark mode display on Facebook is the same as other dark modes which are leaning to black to gray not to solid black and there are still blue accents on Google or information that is present on Facebook but for the timeline menu it still hasn’t darkened in appearance.


Coronavirus Tracker

Beside the Dark Mode feature that will available in the update, now there are also features that interesting, even this one feature is arguably very useful for our condition which is currently experiencing a pandemic namely Coronavirus Tracker, which is meant by ‘tracker’ here is Facebook will tell us the amount cases that occur in our region every week for up to 3 weeks going forward in a table, and at the top of the page we can see cases that have occurred and confirmed worldwide.


Silent Mode


For some additional features, there is a silent mode which will certainly make the notification quiet if you activate it and actually this feature is already on iOS. This feature was precisely released on the iOS platform in April and began on Android this June. Surely we will wait maybe soon for the release of the features that will come this which of course will be very useful especially for the coronavirus tracking feature that can give us info about developments happening around us and globally.

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