The Division 2 New Update Adds Raid and New Season

After a free weekend with a discount and additional expansion of the Warlords of the New York which is quite epic. Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 MMORPG third person shooter game seems ready to implement new updates that will provide content and improvements that have been complained of by the players.

The update titled Title Update 10 will be implemented later on June 16. He will provide damage enhancing balances and gear sets for all normal and exotic player player weapons. Some quality of the loot and an increase in the chance to get a loot or an increase in item stock and the quality of the items that you make will be added when the update comes out.

Some bugs fix and balancing will also be release so that players can enjoy the game without worrying about overpowering weapons.

In addition to the update, Ubisoft also announced a Season 2 update from Warlords of New York which will be implemented on June 23rd. This update is one part of a new small mission for three months. In this second season, you will be required to hunt down the new rogue agents and stop them from continuing the plans that have been abandoned by Aaron Keener.

Just like the first season, you will be able to get some unique prizes such as two new exotic equipment to participate in in-game activities such as League which contains certain challenges for players with attractive prizes, to Global Events that appear in a certain time.

Ubisoft also added a new raid called Operation Iron Horse that could be joined by eight people. This raid will give exclusive prizes for levels 30 and 40. Unfortunately, the developer and publisher still not provide information when the second raid will be implemented.


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