Persona 4 Golden Overwhelming Positive Reviews on Steam

After being announced on the PC through the PC Gaming Show 2020, Persona 4 Golden is available and can be directly played on Steam. But surprisingly the game that created by Atlus, which was previously exclusive on PS Vita, immediately flooded with positive reviews on its Steam store page.

When this article was written after the release on Steam, Persona 4 Golden has received more than 3.500 positive reviews, even getting the title “Overwhelmingly Positive” Steam rating.

However, please note that most of the reviews are the experience of playing the fans who have played it on PlayStation Vita. Then not a few also wrote a review in the form of memes related to Persona 4, as a symbol of the happiness of fans because the dream to play the game Persona on PC came true.

Despite the many positive reviews that do look joking, there are still some people who describe the technical issues of the PC version of Persona 4 Golden. So you who have never played Persona 4 Golden at all and are still hesitant to play it, it is advisable to first look for a review that explains the gameplay and technical issues.

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