Brawl Stars Become the Best Selling Game in China

Game Brawls Stars successfully achieved success in the mobile game market in China, after its release. It ranks second on the best-selling game chart for free games just below the Arena of Valor ranking. This game also managed to occupy the second rank, thanks to the role of two major publishers in China, Tencent and Yoozoo.

There are various factors behind the success of the Brawl Stars itself.

First, Supercell’s expertise as a developer works with publishers.

Second, no new Moba game has been hit lately in China.

Finally, the Chinese version registration system is very simple and easy to use because it only uses a WeChat and QQ account to login and invite friends with just one click. Both are well-known social media in China.

Various combinations of factors make Brawl Stars successful in China. This might be a lesson for developers and other publishers in making the game a success. Especially in the Chinese market which is arguably quite profitable.

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