ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest Available To Download Now

ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest will launch on June 16, 2020. The mobile game created by Playcrab and published by Finger Fun Entertainment can now be downloaded on Android and iOS from now on.



In terms of graphics, ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest gives the appearance of a chibi character in the lobby. However, what caught the attention was the appearance of the cutscene that was very similar to the anime. If you watch ONE PUNCH MAN, surely you will be interested in this one cutscene. Each character also has a look that is very similar to the anime.

In the game ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest, you are required to be a hero who saves the world from evil monsters. The stages of defeating monsters are exactly like in the anime. Where starting from the Vaccine Man, two brothers Fukegao and Marugori, and Crablante. With a Turn Based game, you have to defeat evil in that world.

In ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest there are so many things you can try. Starting from completing dungeons, against other players in the arena, and others. However, the most interesting thing is you can play all the characters with each skill like in the anime.

Just like in the anime, ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest also has quite diverse characters. Starting from the hero with the rarity level N to the SSR class.

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