GIGABYTE Announces Three New PSU Variants

Power Supply Unit or commonly known as PSU is a PC component that is very crucial for the sake of giving life to your PC. Wrong choice will make other components such as GPU, RAM, especially the motherboard will not work properly and can not be used. Quite often the wrong PSU election will lead to an unexpected disaster.

Lots of PSU brands appearing on the market promise good performance and power efficiency. The 80+ license is a reference for various customers to “ensure” that the PSU is an excellent product. Despite the fact that the composition of the component should be a consideration that must be considered.

GIGABYTE recently introduces three new PSU: P750GM 750W 80+ Gold full modular, P550B 550W 80+ Bronze, and P450B 450W 80+ Bronze. This little PSU use high-quality materials that reduce their size from 16-18cm to 14cm only. Now a small PC case are capable to enjoy the power and good performance of this small PSU.

The P750GM will have 750 Watts of power designed for high-end GPU class like RTX 2080Ti, Radeon VII, or Radeon RX5700XT. The Japanese-made PSU has more than 90% electricity efficiency conversion thanks to its 80+ Gold certification. With a full modular design that makes it possible to set the temperature. It has a power pin that supports motherboards with 8 + 8 or 8 + 4. In other words the P750GM will be compatible with mid-high motherboards. Interestingly this PSU has a fan stop function that allows it to stop when its use is below 20%.

While the P550B and P450B have 550 and 450 watts of power respectively. The conversion efficiency of electric power is more than 85%. Both have 12cm diameter fans with hydraulic bearings that reduce their sound much quieter than sleeve bearings.

The three PSUs above are designed with OVP / OPP / SCP / UVP / OCP / OTP voltage protection to keep them more durable.

Unfortunately, until this date GIGABYTE has not yet announced when the new PSU will be released on the market.

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