Horizon: Forbidden West Promises Adventure Without Loading Screen

The announcement of Horizon: Forbidden West at the PlayStation 5 Future of Gaming some time ago really became an exciting news for gamers who could not wait for Aloy’s new adventure. Besides presenting a much more visual quality, this game is also promised to run smoother without loading screens thanks to the SSD technology owned by PlayStation 5.



Through a video released by PlayStation recently titled “Guerrilla Talks” Mathijs de Jonge as Game director revealed that when the player later wants to do fast-travel or restarting from checkpoint, the loading process will be super fast. Something that is certainly difficult to achieve by current generation console technology.


The world of Horizon: Forbidden West is also said to be much bigger and more immersive compared to Horizon: Zero Dawn, even more so now Aloy can do underwater exploration filled with flora and fauna as well as buildings from the past.

In addition, Mathijs said that in this game we will find more new machine variants. Some of them have even been shown in previous trailers such as pterodactyl-shaped mechines called Sunwings, giant tortoise-shaped machines that live in a swampy area called Shellsnapper, to mammot-shaped machines equipped with various weapons and heavy armor called Tremortusk. Creating a new adventure Aloy will be more challenging.

Horizon: Forbidden West itself is planned to be released in 2021 exclusively for PlayStation 5. And it is possible to release it on Steam a few years later.

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