Star Wars: Squadron Will Support Plane Controller

On June 16 we all got a new Star Wars series game in a different color from the previous series, carrying the theme of space warfare, namely Star Wars: Squadrons.

Star Wars: Squadron is rumored to be releasing their full gameplay at the EA Play Live event, for those of you who are very interested in this game, where in Star Wars Battlefront 2 there is no Space Combat mode, unlike in Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2005) which have already gotten Space combat, then want to try out what it’s like to fight in space using your favorite spaceship, you can already pre-order this game via Steam.



By fighting outside space using the aircraft, surely some of you also want the game to be used with H.O.T.A.S or we are familiar with the aircraft controller so that you can feel more about what it’s like to drive and fight in space. This time the prayer for the users of the aircraft controller was granted, because the creative director of the game answered through a question via Twitter by answering:

“Well hey, double checked and apparently I AM allowed to tell you that without being tackled by PR! Yes, we fully support joysticks on PC, including full HOTAS rigs with a throttle. “

We can conclude that this latest Star Wars series will certainly be able to use Aircraft Controller, so are you interested in Pre-Order Star Wars: Squadrons? Especially for you gamers who have flight simulators Rig.

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