Honkai Impact 4 In Development ?

Recently, chinese developer, miHoYo has been rumored to be starting to develop the latest sequel series from Honkai Impact, namely Honkai Impact 4. This can be seen from miHoYo who recently filled in the trademarks for Honkai Impact 4, indirectly saying that the development of Honkai Impact 4 is now running.

This information first emerged from Twitter user Daniel Ahmad, or ZhugeEX, who often gave new news related to game news.

Honkai Impact 3rd itself is the most popular series of Honkai Impact. Anime graphics, accompanied by cool skill abilities make this one mobile game very popular. Coupled with the many updates provided, this game has become one of the games enjoyed by its fans. And with more than tens of millions of total downloads on the platform. So it’s no surprise that this game will get its latest sequel.

Beside this rumors, miHoYo is also currently making a new game called Genshin Impact which is highly awaited.

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