Twitter Add Tweet Through Voice Feature

Twitter, one of the most popular microbloging social media networks, has just released a new feature for its users. This feature is a feature that allows users to make a tweet using voice.

How to use it is also quite easy, the users only need to record sound by pressing the button with the frequency symbol. The button is located next to the camera button icon.

By using this feature, users will immediately be able to upload the results of the sound recording as a tweet. Even so, there are limits to the recording time. Users can only record sounds with a maximum of 140 seconds for each tweet they make.

Currently, the tweet feature using voice is still in the testing phase, so that not all Twitter users will get it. This testing also only applies to users who use mobile phones with the iOS operating system.

Therefore, for users who use mobile phones with the Android operating system are expected to be patient for a while until this feature will be officially released.

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