NetEase Give New Details About Project: Ragnarok

After being announced for the first time last May, NetEase finally provided some of the latest details of its MMORPG game genre, titled Project: Ragnarok. Some details of the game that raised the Nordic mythology were leaked by @ZhugeEX twitter account, by showing, new details, some screenshoots and videos related to the gameplay of this game.

The plan of Project: Ragnrok game itself will be released in multi-platform, and is available for PC, Console, and Mobile. NetEase itself has prepared a Crossplay feature for this game, making it possible for you to play with other players even if playing on a console or mobile. Apart from that the mandatory features of MMORPG games such as PVP, PVE and pet features will also be available in the Project: Ragnarok game. The game, which was developed for 4 years, will also focus on NPC and Quest interactions. Where later, the NPCs can you recruit or become enemies, depending on your interaction during the quest.



As long as the developers of NetEase try to combine an MMORPG game with gameplay that is loved by Chinese players, such as Blade and Soul, and provides a touch of gameplay and mechanics in the style of AAA games that are more favored by Western gamers. With this statement, it can be concluded that the release of Project: Ragnarok itself is focused by NetEase to reach the global market. Let’s just wait, how is the work of NetEase with Project: Ragnarok.

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