Red Dead Redemption 1 Remake In Development ?

Yesterday there was a leak that Red Dead Redemption 1 will be remake for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X. Just a few days ago on the website found a review that one of Rockstar employees was working on Red Dead Redemption 1 Remake.

Glassdoor is basically a website where employees and ex-employees anonymously conduct reviews for their company. Plus they added a FAQ that every user who will conduct a review must be verified first in accordance with their “Terms of Use”, such as email verification and so on.

If you search further, this Glassdoor cannot be a benchmark for you to believe. Why? There are ONE main reasons:

“There’s a No Employee Verification System.”

From this we can already know that their system verification is indeed bad. The word “Bad” here doesn’t mean that it can not be trusted, but all those who use gmail, yahoo and any other email address can make a review with the excuse that they “work” at the company. Moreover, they apply the principle of ‘anonymous’ has made us feel skeptical.

So, from here you can only “take it with a grain of salt”. Can believe but always skeptical about the rumors that circulate. Especially these rumors have not been discussed by many media.

IF it is true, it means that the review given at Glassdoor can be legitimate that indeed Rockstar employees do a review there.

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