Former Rockstar Producer Explain Why GTA VI Was Not Announced

It seems that the announcement of GTA V for next-gen consoles during the Playstation 5 introduction event yesterday left disappointment for gamers who thought that Rockstar would announce “something new”. But of course it was just a dream because Rockstar instead announced GTA V and GTA Online for the next-gen console.

Many gamers are finally angry and consider Rockstar are very greedy to continue to get money from GTA Online. Others also speculate various things, including some gamers who understand the condition of Rockstar who decided not to release GTA 6.

However, maybe the answer from one of the former Rockstar Games producers can make you understand. Through his TikTok account, the former Rockstar Games producer Darion Lowenstein who also worked at EA and Blizzard explains his opinion on the “controversial” decision from Rockstar.


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In one of his videos, Darion explains that from a development perspective, there are many good reasons (from Rockstar’s decision). He further explained from his experience that developing a game for a new console is very difficult. And what is needed is more time. He also reminded that bringing an existing game to the next-gen console is easier and cheaper than making a completely new one.

Darion also concluded that GTA 6 was not announced because the game was not ready yet. And GTA V was launched as a temporary entertainment for gamers and also income for Rockstar while completing GTA 6 for next-gen consoles.

Do you think this explanation from Darion could be enough to explain the condition of Rockstar and GTA 6 now. Or this is just a trick from Rockstar to get more money from GTA Online.

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