Riot Games Give Details on Valorant Competitive Mode

Riot Games effort to present every game into a competitive game and ready to rock the esports scene is indeed not in doubt. This is proven by his MOBA League of Legends game which is one of the biggest esports games in the whole world. The effort was apparently also implemented for their tactical hero shooter game, Valorant. But this week, everything will change soon.

Through patch 1.02 which will be released this week, Riot Games announced that they will release a competitive mode for Valorant. This mode will be named Rated as confirmed by the game director, Joe Ziegler.

Same with the beta version, competitive mode will present a ranking icon and name. Both of Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Immortal, to the highest rank called Radiant (formerly Valorant).

Interestingly, during match placement you will be able to do matchmaking with your friends who have entered the Valorant friendlist. Even if your abilities differ greatly. This is because the system will provide fair matchmaking.

Even so, Riot claimed that they would still continue to develop and improve Valorant matchmaking. Making sure they won’t place a solo player against a team of four or five groups from the enemy side.

The progress of the ranking can be checked through every Valorant Act after patch 1.02 is released. While patches in the future will provide details. Like the number of wins, up to the highest ranking.

Valorant can now be played on a PC for free. Unfortunately it is not clear when patch 1.02 which added the competitive mode above will be released.

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