Shroud and Ninja Rumored to Refuse Invitation to Join Facebook Gaming

After out of nowhere Microsoft officially announced that their streaming service, Mixer, will be shutdown in July 2020, the two biggest gaming streamer at this time, Shroud and Ninja have become a ‘free’ streamers because they are not bound by the Mixer contract anymore.

Because Mixer decided to make a relation with Facebook Gaming, Obviously Facebook Gaming was known to be trying to bring the two big streamers to their platform.

But recently an esports consultant Rod Breslau said that the two streamers whose real names were Tyler Belvins and Michael Grzesiek turned down offers from Facebook Gaming. In fact, the number offered is greater than the deal with Mixer. Rod Breslau said Ninja got 30 Million USD and Shroud got 10 Million USD when signing a contract with Mixer.

Although there has been no official announcement, through his personal Twitter account the two men said they were thinking of moving to where. They both do have at least one month to think about where to go. Maybe they also returned to Twitch. Meanwhile, when they decided to go to Mixer, Twitch tied big names like Dr.Lupo and Pokimane with fantastic contracts.

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