Nintendo Switch Production Returns to Normal

Since there is Lockdown due to COVID-19 is Nintendo Switch is one of the consoles that became the target of Panic Buying. Because of that, the console stock was quickly running low, moreover the production also faltered, due to lockdown regulations which made the factory unable to continue actively carrying out activities, as well as difficult deliveries.

This low of stock also makes the price go up very high. In many country, Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite price have doubled, even the usual Switches touch the price of $500 USD, which previously could be bought at a price around $300 USD. Then physical games also went up to several tens dollar for several new titles.

However, after the situation began to improve and the lockdown was over, Nintendo also announced the good news, that their production had returned to normal. Unfortunately, they cannot guarantee that they will meet the demands of buyers, they are worried that when the stock arrives in each country, it will soon will be sold out and resold at a high price too.

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