Pokemon Unite Trailer Flooded with Dislike

Through the event titled Pokemon Presents, the Pokemon Company has announced the presence of its new mobile game titled Pokemon Unite, which was created together with Tencent Games. Hearing the word Tencent, we are definitely identical with mobile games. Right, this time the game called Pokemon Unite has the MOBA genre. Players can play Pokemon Unite on Nintendo Switch and on Mobile (Android & iOS). This game can also be played for free.

But apparently the presence of this Pokemon Unite game was not very welcomed by Pokemon fans. It is known that the presence of Pokemon games with the MOBA genre actually makes the characteristics of this game disappear, especially since the game was made by Tencent.

After the game was shown, the livestream that was played immediately flooded with dislike. Shortly after the trailer was re-uploaded to Youtube, the dislike flood continued to get worse. Noted this video has been dislike by nearly 150 thousand people. This makes the appearance of Pokemon Unite is the video with the most Dislike in the history of Nintendo YouTube.

This is similar like Blizzard when announcing Diablo Immortal. Fans expectations are so high expecting a new main game announcement, but all they get is a mobile spinoff that the majority of fans never care about.

This can be avoided if The Pokemon Company announces the existence of a new main game, whether it’s a sequel to Pokemon Sword / Shield, or at least a small scale game like Pokemon Let’s Go. Because this is the only game that was announced and signaled as if it was a very important game to have a conference separate from the previous week, of course the response from fans will be filled with frowning faces and emotion of disappointment.

Coupled with the presence of Tencent, which is known to always present a microtransaction system that is quite heavy in the game he made. This was done because the game they released was free-to-play so they wanted to get revenue.

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