Square Enix Will Announce Some New Games This Summer

When this year’s E3 event was canceled because the COVID-19 pandemic did indeed lead to changes in plans that had to be made by a number of developers and publishers to introduce their new game. This also happend to Square Enix, which was forced to cancel plans to announce some new games at the event.

Although some of them have been announced through separate events such as Project Athia at The Future of Gaming PlayStation 5, and the Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road and Melody of Memory which they announced directly through their official YouTube channel and PC Gamers Show. But it looks like they have a few more new games that will be announced in the near future.

When met at a shareholders’ meeting on June 24 yesterday, Square Enix representatives said that the company still has several new games under development and plans to announce them this summer. Therefore, fans can begin to expect about what games will be announced by Square Enix in July to August.

Many have begun to speculate whether Square Enix will announce Final Fantasy 16 and Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 or just provide the latest updates about previously announced games like Project Athia, Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road, and Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory. Whatever it is, it is clear that we are waiting for official information in the next few months.

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