Dying Light DLC, Hellraid Release Date

Gamers around the world are waiting for the promising Dying Light 2 game, but Techland says that Dying Light 2 is still under development and it seems gamers have to wait quite a while. While waiting for the launch of Dying Light 2, Techland published another DLC for fans of the first Dying Light series.

After some time ago, Techland announced that Dying Light would get its new DLC named Hellraid, now they have officially announced the details of the release date of the new DLC.

Reporting from his official Twitter account, Techland confirmed that DLC Hellraid will be released on July 23 for PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One. The DLC is actually a game project that was previously developed by Techland but for some reason the game was canceled and is now turned on through DLC from Dying Light.

On Steam Store itself, the DLC can already be pre-ordered with a price tag of $9 USD. Later, the DLC can be accessed through the tower in the game through an arcade machine. After entering through the arcade machine, you will be teleported to another place to fight against existing demons using axes, hammers or swords. The DLC can also be played solo or co-op.

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