GTA 5 Can Be Played in Tesla

Tesla is a technology company that is currently quite well known. Mainly because of its CEO, Elon Musk, which often causes controversy. Moreover, various tweets that are considered eccentric. Behind this, he also often discusses the emergence of several games to be played on his homemade car.

Reporting from gamerant, Elon Musk suggests that GTA 5 can be played at Tesla. Through his Twitter tweet, Elon Musk returned a unique statement. He stated that it was only a matter of time before people stole a Tesla, when he played GTA 5 in a Tesla.

The tweet hints that GTA 5 will be able to be played at Tesla Arcade. Tesla Arcade is a game play feature in a Tesla car. As before Elon Musk managed to bring several games to Tesla such as Minecraft, Pokemon Go, Pac-man, and Mario Cart. He also made a tweet about the appearance of The Witcher, but until now it has not been confirmed.

Therefore this has become one of the interesting things about Tesla’s CEO. His work car began to attract game fans with his eccentric tweet strategy. The hope is that these cues really occur considering GTA 5 has also officially gotten the news to be played on the latest generation PS5 console (Bruh).

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