Knives Out Collaborates with Tokyo Ghoul Anime

Collaboration of a game with other games or with anime has often happened. But it seems that Knives Out is one of the Battle Royale games that is quite often in collaborating with famous anime. Having previously collaborated with the anime Attack on Titan and Gintama, recently the game developed by NetEase which already available on the PS4 platform officially collaborated with the Tokyo Ghoul anime. It is planned that this collaboration event will last for 2 weeks, starting from 30 June to 14 July 2020.

It is planned that this collaboration will present various items with the Tokyo Ghoul theme, including special skins from the characters Kaneki Ken, Touka Kirishima, and Rize Kamishiro. The skin will show your character with a “Kagune” look that is characteristic of the Ghouls.

In addition, this collaboration with Tokyo Ghoul will present a new map, which allows you to play as a team, to eradicate the ghouls. This new map itself, will have gameplay like the game “Endless Dungeon”, where you have to survive from various existing waves. Do not forget also the NetEase has prepared a variety of weapons and cars with the theme Tokyo Ghoul that will added in this collaboration.

Previously, the game which was first released in 2017 Android and IOS by NetEase has another name Tokyo Royale. The naming of Tokyo Royale itself, due to this one battle royale game, is quite popular in Japan, so it’s no wonder the Knives Out game quite often collaborates with famous anime as one of its marketing strategies to attract new players.

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