Riot Games Plans to Release 6 New Valorant Agents Every Year

It has been more than a month since Riot Games officially launched its FPS game called Valorant. Since the Beta version until the current public version, this game has been played by many PC gamers around the world.

As we know, Valorant itself has a quite different gameplay where the players must be able to choose a suitable agent and must know the role of each agent being played.

Well, recently Executive Producer from Valorant, Anna Donlon gave information related to their new plans in developing this Valorant. It also uploaded a video titled “ What comes after launch? ”


Every 2 months, the Riot Games will reportedly also announce a new Agent. With this, there are 6 Agents that will be launched by Riot Games every year.

Currently on episode 1 of Act 1, Riot Games has released a new Agent named Reyna. Later next month Riot Games will announce a new Agent while introducing their second act.

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